Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Make Your Town's History Come Alive with Andrea's History Programs

an original storytelling series

Would you like to see your towns' history come alive ?
Andrea researches the towns and cities where
she is invited to tell and inserts local facts into her repetoire of historic tales. 

The stories she presents are rooted in Massachusetts history. All her stories are original, each begining with a simple pair of shoes.

"A Journey Through Time"
The year is 1620, the people that call themselves
" The Saints" prepare for a trip 
to the "New World". Follow their journey
and accompany them on their adventure.
"The Cobbler's Daughter"
Elizabeth Morgan Hunt is the daughter of a cobbler.
She discovers secret messages hidden in 
the shoes her father repairs. Eventually
that discovery leads her to a tea party 
she'll never forget!
"Abigail and Lottie"
Abagail Ward's father is an abolitionist
and the minister of a local church.
Abigail accidentally finds runnaway
slaves hidden in the basement of her father's church.
"Mary O'Keefe"
12 year old Mary O'Keefe, an 
Irish immigrant comes to 
Boston, looking for streets
paved with gold.!
"Spintress Windsor"
Spintress Windsor knows all that 
goes on in her village as she lives
on the path where everyone must pass to enter or leave.
Follow along as she tells the story of 
someone that was accused of being a witch in her village.
New! 1918 "Kate O'Malley" 
Follow Kate's family
to Peabody ,Massachusetts as they become part of
the largest industry of leather workers in the world.
" There are so many factories here why there's one for every letter in the alphabet" Amos Torrey 
Lydia Parson 1913
A walk though Lynnfield Mass. 

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